Mandy Barker – Penalty Project

Mandy Barker has recently done a project called Penalty; the aim of this project was t create more of an awareness for the amount of marine pollution that is currently happening. To make this project happen sheScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 09.30.30.png travelled around the world collecting different kinds of marine debris balls; in total she found 992 debris balls within 4 months, 769 footballs and pieces of, with 223 other types of balls were collected from 41 different countries and islands and from 144 different bScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 09.30.00.pngeaches, by 89 members of the public. I think the process that she went through to create this series of image makes the messages behind them even stronger and powerful. I really like how she has created the series of images on a whole because the only thing you can really focus on in them is all of the debris balls and it really shows the scale of the damaged we have caused over the years.



Panoramic Photography

The other day we had a lecture on panoramic photography and we went to Mount Edgcombe to take a variety of panoramic photographs. The way you take panoramic’s is quite easy really you have to take a set of around 10 photographs and then put them together in PhotoShop to make a 10:1 ratio image.JessPPanorama1.jpg

This is one of the panoramic’s that I took on that day; I feel like it could’ve been a lot better quality because I did it hand held without a tripod which made the background of the image quite bad quality. Apart from that I am quite pleased with this image I produced as it isn’s that distorted and the horizon seems to be relatively straight and not that curved. One thing that I think I could’ve done in post production is probably made the sky have a bit more depth to it because it seems to just have one colour and no cloud detailing.


This is the other panoramic that I made its called a polar coordinates as it joins the two ends of the photograph to create a spherical shape. This one isn’t that great as the i photograph that I used was only a 180 image not a 360; I did have to do a bit of spot healing in Photoshop to make it look a bit better.

Time Lapse-Fine Artist Tony Plant

Tony Plant is a fine artist based in Newquay, Cornwall. His most recognised work is his sand drawings he does on beaches. when he does these beach drawings he normally does a time lapse of the whole process of the drawings he does; I likeScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.18.17.png how he does this because it shows how the waves on the shore influence his drawings. With the fist image you can clearly see that the waves have cleared away some of the drawings Tony Plant has doe with a rake. This makes the work he does really uniques because no one else has done this kind of art before. I like how the design is mainly circular patterns and how he makes them merge together makes the finished product more interesting. Another thing that I like about his work is the scale that he does it in, He covers most of the beach that he uses for his work which I find really intriguing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.18.59.png

Left Wing vs Right Wing

Today we had a task to look at two different news papers; one that was typically known to be left wing and one that was known to be right wing. The newspapers that we looked at are The Guardian (Left wing) and the Daily Mail (Right wing).

The Left Wing Paper: I think that the heading of this article (‘Prince Charles may rise climate change during Trump’s visit to Britain’) This heading shows that there is a divide in political views between two very strong figures, which makes it eye catching for anyone that looks at just the heading. I think that this paper is aimed more towards people aged between 18 and 30 as left wing tends to be less traditionalist than right wing. The language used in The Guardian seems to be quite complex which makes it more of a convincing article in my opinion. The article that was shown for The Guardian seems to be more in favour of Prince Charles that Trump as it is showing how invalid the points Trump has made about global warming being a ‘myth’. This article does make me feel a bit of release as the person who wrote this article is not in favour of Trump.

The Right Wing Paper: The heading of this article is not very eye catching as it states that ‘Trumps snub for the Green Prince: US President ‘will avoid Charles on state visit to the UK because he wants to escape a lecture on climate change’ although this heading does state what will be in the article id does seem a but long winded to become a heading that I would personally be drawn to. I think that this article of the Daily Mail would be aimed at the older generation as the heading is make the Prince look like he is quite a pestering person; since he is also known to be more left wing just proves that this paper is traditionally known to be a right wing paper. I don’t think that the language of this article is very complex as most of it is just quotes from a ‘reliable source’ and not actually explaining much of the situation that is advertised. I feel like this article is slightly biased towards Trump in someways but in parts of it, it seems like it is also biased towards Prince Charles.

Overall I personally prefer the article by The Guardian because first of all the heading was a lot more eye catching for me as it was straight to the point and didn’t really drag on that much. I also am leaning more towards this article because I think that I am a lot more left wing than right wing so naturally I would lean more towards a left wing newspaper.


HdR Edit vs PhotoShop Edit

Today we had a task to use Photomatrix Pro to make a photo have high dynamic range; personally I do not like the HDR editing technique I prefer a much more simplistic way of editing photographs so it the subject of your image looks how it did when you captured it. The first image that is show is the HDR edit of this photograph; I feel like it does not look good because the sky is clearly over exposed yet parts of the water are very under exposed. Using the HDR process would’ve probably worked on another type of image but personally I wouldn’t use it again. I think that the second edit of this photograph looks a lot better than the HDR edit as it has less noise and pretty much all parts of the image are at a correct exposure. All I have done to edit this photograph is use a gradient filter on the sky then I increased the contrast and brightness of the whole image and added a black and white filter over the top as I felt it made the image have more potential.HDR boaties.jpgDocks.jpg

Percentage Increase of Plastic – Estimated

For my main idea of this project I need to work out how much of a percentage increase of plastic there is in the ocean over the past 60 years. With averages I was able to get a rough idea of how much has been put into the ocean; what I have done is find out how much plastic is dumped into the ocean each year which is an estimate of 8 million metric tonnes (this is ridiculous) then I started off with 8,000,000 metric tonnes and times that by 60 (for the 60 year difference of the increase)  which turned out to be a total of 480,000,000 metric tonnes. Doing a little calculation of these two totals gave me an average of a 98.3% increase of plastic in the ocean over the past 60 years. Using these statistics in my photographs will really show a visual message to people to make them really think when the choose between a plastic bag and a reusable bag for there weekly shop.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 15.30.37.png

Future – New Assignment

For this assignment brief we have two clients form two different renewable energy companies based in the South West. The have asked us to create a creative display to get a reaction to environmental problems all around us. I was thinking of doing some sort of food photography combined with double exposure; I think that I should do a shoot on really natural foods that are all organic and not animal products such as, vegetables, beans, lentils, fruit etc then doing a photo shoot on fast foods like McDonald’s foods such as, burgers, fries, chicken wings etc. I want to make the naturally sourced foods look really pleasing and appetising then I want to make the fast foods look really groggy and unpleasant to make people think about what these foods do to themselves and the environment that they are living in today.

Another idea that I have had is to do some studio photography on the amount of plastic that was in 1 square metre of the ocean in 3 time spans. So one of the photographs would show how much plastic was in the ocean before humans were around, then the next image will show how much plastic was in the ocean 60 years ago then the last one will show how much it has increased in that time span. I feel like doing this will show people the actual effect of pollution and littering.