Final Evaluation – The Future Project


One of the main things that had inspired me form my research was looking into the plastic pollution that is in the ocean and how big the problem is. Researching all of the statistics on plastic pollution made me want to base my final images on plastic pollution in the ocean so I chose to use the Devon Wildlife Trust as my client for this project.

When I go to the beach I do tend to see a lot of litter on the beach, this had inspired me to base my work around pollution to show people the damage they are causing to the environment.

I think that I have done enough research for this project as I have looked into a wide variety of artists who’s work is based on plastic pollution. I have also done a lot of research on the causes of pollution in the ocean and how its negative effects are causing lots of problems for the environment; I think that researching this has made me understand more about what is going on in the world and what we can do to help decrease the problems.



My work that I have created for this project is mainly showing the affects and consequences of plastic pollution in the ocean. I wanted to make something that made people think so I decided to show how it effects people rather than wildlife because it hits you on a more personal level.

I did change my idea for my final image a couple of times; mainly because when I made the first final images the end results wasn’t to a standard that I wanted it to be at so I scrapped that idea and used the one that is now my final image but the ideas behind the images hasn’t changed, since the start of the project I have wanted to show the effects of plastic pollution.

I think that the work that I have produced has communicated the main idea behind it quite well as the photograph I produced is very straight to the point and isn’t really hiding anything from the viewer. 


Core Skills

In this project I have used a lot of English skills as I have written quite a few blog posts for this project because of the amount of research that I planned to do. I feel like I could’ve used more maths in this project as the only thing that I have done that used my maths skills was calculating the percentage of my carbon footprint.



I have used quite a lot of different editing techniques for this project especially when we had to do HDR photography we used Photomatix to give our image the HDR effect; personally I don’t like HDR photography as I feel like it is packing too much into just one image but in some cases I think it can be very effective when used correctly. I have also done a bit of panoramic photography within this project which I really enjoyed doing and plan to do again in the future.

I think that I have pushed myself to do a few new things within this project, I have used a lot of different techniques within my postproduction and also I have started to do some photography with a film camera.


Character development

I feel like for this project I haven’t managed my stress levels as well as I could’ve. I think that with the work here at college and over working at my job meant that I didn’t really have time to stop and I have been constantly working for this whole project which has made me a bit stressed.

I think that my attendance for this project has been quite good as I have only had one day of because of an illness, I am also always on time to every lesson which makes my time management to a good standard.

I think that I have put in enough effort for this project to keep working at a consistent level but if I want to reach a higher grade I think that I will have to work a lot harder in the final major project to achieve a distinction grade, which I am definitely aiming to do.

I feel like I have taken a lot of care in presenting my work to a good level I have made sure that my blog is all up to date and I have also made sure that all of the images I have produced for tis project are edited well.


Working With The Brief

My work that I have produced has met the clients (Devon Wildlife Trust) brief as I have developed my main idea from the presentation they had done for the class and all the way through the project I have made sure to keep on track to make sure that plastic pollution is always the main story behind the final image I produce for this project.

I think that the message I have put behind my work shows strong connections around sustainability as it is show the negative effects of non-sustainable energy.
How easy did you find the brief? What were the challenges?

At first I did find the main brief quite hard but after I did some research on the plastic pollution it made me more aware of the effects and gave me a more clear idea to what I should do for my final image.



Within this project I have enjoyed learning a lot of different things about plastic pollution and the negative effects it has, it has really opened my eyes to this current problem that we have. I have also enjoyed doing panoramic photography in this project as it is a new skill that I hope to use in the future.



High Points/Low Points

Overall, I am least proud of my first attempt of my final images as I feel like it was very rushed and not planned through properly, I also think that it wasn’t a very creative idea which made it less interesting to look at.

Next term I want to concentrate more on my college work than my part time job as I feel like I need to do that to get the high grade I want for this final major project.


Time Spent on Project:

Percentages: Blogging 36.8%, Researching & Thinking 10%,  Planning 8.9%, Editing 20%, Taking Photos 24.2%



4D Element Evaluation:

For my 4D piece of this project I had decided to create a 30 second timelapse, One of the problems that I had faced when it came to creating the timelapse was the weather as that day it was quite rainy and windy so I couldn’t really do my timelapse outside; I had to improvise with doing the timelapse inside so I decided to set the camera up at where I was doing my work and created a small timelapse of me doing some work. I feel like the timelapse I made came out quite well in the end since I did have to improvise a little.

When I was first editing my timelapse I wanted to video to have a good balance of colour and light so I made some small adjustments in LightRoom to make the video look a little better. When it came to using PremierPro I wanted to add is some music to the background of the video and also make a title and subtile at the beginning and the end; I was able to do all of that as we had a lecture in class on how to use PremierPro.




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