Yao Lu – Artist Study

Yao Lu is an artist from China who has created a series of photomontages that highlight his concern  about the urbanisation happening in china and the massive effects it can have on the environment. The original photographs he takes are of landfills in china that have nets over the top of them. The way that he merges these images in with others makes them look like amazing mountain-scapes. I really like how he portrays the landfills as being parts of nature as it seems to have this message behind it as if to say that soon the urban area will be natural to us; which is quite a shocking but kind of truthful statement to make in the images that he produces. The composition of the images he produces makes them look like nice places even though they are landfills. I like how he does this because it gives a contrast to the photographs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.21.17.png


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