First Failed Attempt – Final Image

For they “Future” project my initial idea was to create a series of three images where there was 1 square metre made out of pebbles on the beach; the first of the three squares I left blank and didn’t put any litter in it, the second square was filled with a little bit of litter that represented to amount of litter in a square metre of the ocean 60 years ago and the third square had approximately a 98.8% increase of litter compared to the second square. Originally I thought that this would be a good idea for the project as it would put things into perspective and show people how much damage they are really causing to the world but the final outcome of these images wasn’t how I initially thought it would turn out like. I tried different editing techniques as I had decided to edit the three final images into one big photograph to put each of the squares next to each other; after merging the three images together I didn’t like the final photograph as it wasn’t very creative it just looked like I made it because I had to. Here is the final image that I produce.First final

I think that this looks a bit to staged for my liking and it isn’t really in the style of how I normally photograph and edit things. I also feel like it is a bit bland and cluttered as there is no depth or creativity coming from this photograph.

For the next final image I am planning to produce I am going to make sure to take my time when capturing the images and editing them because with this current photograph you can tell that it is rushed and not planned very well. With this next photograph I want to go to the beach again and photograph a fresh fish (preferably a mackerel because its ideal size) and a plastic toy fish next to each other, close up then in post production I want to add a little caption underneath the image maybe something like “How long is it until all you eat is plastic”. I haven’t finalised the caption yet but something under those lines I feel will work really well with the final photograph because the underlying message of the final product will be to show how much plastic fish consume and how much of that fish goes into our immune systems and poisons us.

I will definitely get more research done on how much plastic fish consume etc. and also get more of my own images into my blog as I feel like I haven’t done enough photography throughout this project so far.


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