An Update on My Final Idea

I’ve changed my mind on what I want to do for my final images; at first I wanted to collect as much litter as possible then photograph it in 3 different stages. I took the photos of the litter on the beach but the results weren’t to the standard I wanted them to be.

My new idea for this project is to take a photograph of a real fish next to a toy plastic fish on a beach to represent the plastic that is going into our food; I thought that this would be a good idea as it would put the situation into perspective. With my project I want to make people more aware of the consequences of littering plastic, even if you don’t necessarily litter near the ocean it will most likely end up in the sea.

When I’m editing my final image for this project I want to make it look more like an advert as the client I decided to go for was Devon Wildlife Trust and they had a few adverts they use for their website etc. I am thinking of using a little caption at the bottom of the image to make the message behind it stand out a lot more when people view it.


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