Mandy Barker – Penalty Project

Mandy Barker has recently done a project called Penalty; the aim of this project was t create more of an awareness for the amount of marine pollution that is currently happening. To make this project happen sheScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 09.30.30.png travelled around the world collecting different kinds of marine debris balls; in total she found 992 debris balls within 4 months, 769 footballs and pieces of, with 223 other types of balls were collected from 41 different countries and islands and from 144 different bScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 09.30.00.pngeaches, by 89 members of the public. I think the process that she went through to create this series of image makes the messages behind them even stronger and powerful. I really like how she has created the series of images on a whole because the only thing you can really focus on in them is all of the debris balls and it really shows the scale of the damaged we have caused over the years.



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